Useful Tips

Useful Alarm Tips

To ensure that your alarm system is effective and functional it should be tested weekly and checked by your service provider at least twice a year.

Listed below are some of the common problems experienced and ways to combat them.

  •  Ensure that all windows and doors have the ability to chime.
  • Always check that infrared sensors are detecting and registering on your keypad according to the allocated zone.
  • Wipe and clean outside sensors with a dry cloth and spray an insecticide around the sensor. This will prevent the common false alarm problems of ants and gecko’s and other related insects.
  • Always check your stand by battery by switching off the power source to the control box. If the alarm system still functions normally the battery should still be in reasonable working condition. The average life span of this battery is +/- five years and should be checked by your service provider when serviced.
  • Always check your connection to your monitoring company ensuring that all signals are accurate and that the response is prompt and as needed in the case of an emergency. We recommend a link via telephone and radio.
  • If your code has been shared with others such as house sitters domestic workers that are no longer working for you always ensure that you change your code immediately. Please contact your service provider if needing assistance or consult your user manual.
  •   These are but a few of the common tips that could be of use to the end user, however when in doubt always contact your service provider.


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